Why Seek One Venue with Many Options

Planning any event requires finding a venue. Most people search for the one venue that is perfect for the occasion. That can take a lot of time and effort. Keep that aspect simple by seeking one venue that includes many options. There are several advantages to this practice that will save more than time.

Early Stages

The venue is typically the first component to be addressed when planning an occasion. Keeping all options open in the early stages of planning allows maximum flexibility. Visiting a wedding and event venue that provides multiple options can help people consider alternative ideas for the setting. One venue is especially beneficial in wedding planning.

There may be one room that is perfect for the wedding and reception. Another room available may be ideal for the rehearsal dinner. Using the same venue for both will avoid confusion and make it much easier for out-of-town participants. Some venues provide directional cards that can be placed right inside wedding invitations. Go to villaRussoCatering.com to begin exploring possibilities. People seeking an LGBT wedding are welcomed.

Planning Assistance

It is also advantageous because that type of venue typically has certified event planners on staff to help plan the entire event at no extra cost. That will eliminate a great deal of stress and pressure from the person in charge of putting the event together. A family member planning an anniversary party, an office manager planning an annual meeting of the executive board, or a couple planning a wedding will not have the experience in planning.


Venues with several banquet room options typically offering catering for all types of occasions. The menu can be customized, or people can select from varied catering packages. Cocktail hours, buffet meals, sit-down dinners, brunches, a full bar, and a dessert menu can all be arranged. Everything needed for a memorable event is all in one place. Excellent cuisine and attention to detail will delight guests.

Ask about promotional packages as well to save money. A Sweet Sixteen party, for example, consists of a budget-friendly buffet meal that includes dessert. A weekday wedding special offered includes a free ceremony and a full top-shelf open bar. A Sunday all-inclusive wedding platinum package is also among current promotional deals. Those interested can see Villa Russo Catering for more information regarding menu options and promotions.

Unique Features

All packages include valet parking for the convenience of guests. Banquet rooms, of which there are four, vary in size and design to suit any occasion. Whether the event is for twenty-five guests or two-hundred and seventy-five guests, there is a beautiful space available to accommodate preferences and budgets. Villa Russo Catering can also be the setting of exhibitions, trade shows, and craft fairs.


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